The workshops are still under development. Dates, Bookings and rates will be posted here and on facebook shortly.

Hands on tradition.
 The techniques and skills that powered sailing ships for centuries.


3 day, Traditional canvas and ropeworking techniques
10 day, Traditional sailmaking skills and techniques
Even if you've never held a piece of rope or canvas our practical hands on courses will give you the knowledge and the abilities based on centuries of tradition to create your own canvas, rope or rigging solutions, wether its a handy bag for a laptop, covers for a boat or a new suit of sails for a fully rigged ship.
Both courses assume no previous sailmaking abilities.
What to bring
A notebook and pen is always a good idea. The cost of the materials is built into the course costs.
The tools. You will require a sewing palm, needles, fid, marlin spike and a knife, all of these will be available to purchase but if you prefer to bring your own you're welcome.
                                                            Tools price list

3 day, Traditional canvas and ropeworking techniques 
This course takes the beginer through the basic sailmaking skills of sewing canvas, roping, making and sewing grommets, the course also teaches some basic splicing and whipping techniques. It is the nature of sewing canvas that people sew at different speeds, so by the end of the course along with your new found sailmaking skills you will also have two very handy canvas bags or the materials and skills to complete them.
3 day schedule

10 day, traditional sailmaking skills and techniques 
Along with giving you the skills and techniques used for centuries in sailmaking, this course will give you the ability to make sails for your own vessel, you will also learn how to carry out repairs to existing sails along with numerous rope and wire working techniques.
10 day schedule

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