About Us

The Sailmakers Bench
A family company started by Buddy & Nicki Leask with the aim of bringing the traditional sailmaking skills to the future of the ever expanding sailing community and to the wider public.

The cost of fuel goes up, the desire to use natural materials grows and grows, this combination gives us the confidence that the methods, techniques and materials that we use and teach are by no means confined to the past but can also thrive into the future.

As sailmaker (Buddy), deckhand / dayman rigger (Nicki) on the three masted barque Picton Castle, we learned the skills passed on by generation after generation of tall ship captains. Sewing seams, making grommets, stitching on bolt ropes, splicing rope and wire, all by hand, using the opportunity when ashore to lay out new sails on the nearest dock, beach or hillside and then carrying the cloths back on board to be hand sewn and finished while underway to the next port of call. Hundreds of tons of ship propelled by cotton thread alone, this is how we learned.

Drawing on an upbringing of make and mend from the Shetland islands, invaluable sailing tradition of Nova Scotia plus tens of thousands of miles and many years experience making sails and hands on learning underway we are proud to offer you 
The Sailmakers Bench.
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